IBM SPSS Complex Samples

More correctly and easily compute statistics for complex samples

With IBM SPSS Complex Samples software, you can:

  • Get a more accurate picture of your data when working with large-scale surveys
  • Achieve more statistically valid inferences for populations
  • Reach correct point estimates for statistics such as totals, means and ratios and obtain standard errors of these statistics
  • Predict numerical and categorical outcomes from nonsimple random samples
  • Take up to three stages into account when analyzing data from a multistage design

Incorporate complex sample designs into your data analysis

Logistic regression: Predict categorical outcomes (for example, who is most likely to buy your product) while taking the sample design into account to more accurately identify groups

Ordinal regression: Predict ordinal outcomes such as customer satisfaction (low, medium or high)

General linear models: Predict numerical outcomes while taking the sample design into account

Cox regression: Predict time to an event for samples drawn by complex sampling methods

Intuitive Sampling wizard: Guides you step by step through the process of designing and drawing a sample

Easy-to-use Analysis Preparation wizard: Helps prepare public-use data sets for analysis, such as the National Health Inventory Survey data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Easier collaboration with colleagues: More easily share sampling and analysis plans

More accurate analyses: Enables you to take up to three stages into account when analyzing data from a multistage design

A more precise picture of your data: Unlike traditional statistics, subpopulation assessments consider other subpopulations

System Screen

1.Sampling Wizard

2.Sampling Wizard – Design Variables

3.Sampling Wizard – Output

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