IBM SPSS Conjoint

Discover what drives your customers’ purchase decisions

With IBM SPSS Conjoint software, you can:

  • Identify product features that are important to new customers
  • Discover which product attributes are most important to current customers
  • Determine the influence product attributes have on customer preferences

Find out how your product ranks with IBM SPSS Conjoint software

IBM SPSS Conjoint software offers the procedures you need to plan, implement and analyze efficient conjoint surveys. With these techniques, you can discover how respondents rank their preferences and product attributes.

Orthoplan: Produces an orthogonal array of product attribute combinations, dramatically reducing the number of questions you must ask while helping ensure that you get enough information to perform a comprehensive analysis.

Plan cards: Print “cards” to elicit respondents’ preferences. Quickly generate cards that respondents can sort to rank alternative products.

Conjoint procedure: Get results you can act on, such as which product attributes are important and at what levels they are most preferred. Plus, perform simulations that will tell you expected market shares for alternative products.

Add IBM SPSS Conjoint to your competitive research and develop products and services that are more successful.

System Screen

1.Save time and money with Orthoplan IBM SPSS
IBM SPSS Conjoint takes you step by step through the process of setting up a product comparison.

Establish the parameters of your study with the Orthoplan design generator. Orthoplan gives you an orthogonal array of alternative potential products that combine different product features at specified levels. This can save you time and money by presenting a fraction of all possible alternatives

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