IBM SPSS Custom Tables

Analyze data more easily and communicate results more effectively

With IBM SPSS Custom Tables software, you can:

  • More quickly create tables with a drag-anddrop interface
  • Preview tables as you create them to make it easier to get it right the first time
  • Customize tables to make them easier for your audience to understand

Build tables interactively

Generate the table you envision using the graphical user interface (GUI). You can more easily work with output and present survey results by using nesting, stacking and multiple response categories, and handle missing values and change labels and formats—you can even include missing values in your results.

Create presentation-quality tables from IBM SPSS Statistics data—in a snap

Work with IBM SPSS Statistics Base software seamlessly and easily.

Drag and drop your variables on the table preview builder, and see what your table looks like as you create it.

Customize your table to show the information you need. Add summary statistics, inferential statistics and subtotals to make it easier to understand results.

Apply the optional TableLooks for a more polished appearance.

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