IBM SPSS Data Preparation

Improve data preparation for more accurate results

With IBM SPSS Data Preparation software, you can:

  • Streamline the data preparation process
  • Eliminate labor-intensive manual checks
  • Reach more accurate conclusions

Prepare data in a single step—automatically

When you need results quickly, the ADP procedure helps you detect and correct quality errors and impute missing values in one efficient step. The ADP feature provides an easyto-understand report with comprehensive recommendations and visualizations to help you determine the right data to use in your analysis.

Additional options for data preparation

This procedure enables you to apply rules to perform data checks based on each variable’s measure level (whether categorical or continuous). Then, determine data validity and remove or correct suspicious cases at your discretion prior to analysis.

Identify suspicious or invalid cases, variables and data values more easily with IBM SPSS Data Preparation software

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