IBM SPSS Modeler Premium

Help improve model accuracy with structured and unstructured data

Additionally, IBM SPSS Modeler Premium software can extract insights from text data, enabling organizations to:

– Receive faster, more accurate results when analyzing banking, insurance or advertising text; emoticons; and slang with new industry-specific text analysis packages and templates.

– Create hierarchical categorization structures to organize concepts more logically and in greater detail.

– Import predefined categories, including hierarchical categories, annotations and keyword descriptors, and export them to Excel.

– Save hierarchical categories for reuse with an enhanced semantic network grouping technique for category building.

– Extract text faster and more accurately, especially when working with large data sets, by leveraging new industrysensitive semantic networks and more efficient use of hardware.

– Define and test rules on sample text before applying them to your data using the enhanced text link rule editor.

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With IBM SPSS Modeler Premium software text analytics capabilities, you can have a better understanding of your organization, the environment in which you operate, your customers and other stakeholders. The interactive, visual environment of IBM SPSS Modeler software uses advanced linguistic technologies and natural language processing to rapidly process unstructured text data. From this text, it extracts and organizes the key concepts.

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