IBM SPSS Neural Networks

Discover complex relationships in your data more easily

With IBM SPSS Neural Networks software, you can:

  • Explore data using nonlinear data modeling tools
  • Uncover hidden connections in your data
  • Improve model performance

Get a greater return on your investment in data

IBM SPSS Neural Networks software provides a complementary approach to the statistical techniques available in IBM SPSS Statistics Base software and its modules. From the familiar IBM SPSS Statistics interface, you can mine your data for hidden relationships using the multilayer perceptron (MLP) or radial basis function (RBF) procedure. With either of these approaches, the procedure operates on a training set of data and then applies that knowledge to the entire data set and to any new data.

How can you use IBM SPSS Neural Networks software?

You can combine neural network techniques with other statistical approaches to gain clearer insight in many areas.


  • Marketplace research

    – Create customer profiles

    – Discover customer preferences

  • Database marketing

    – Segment your customer base

    – Optimize campaigns

  • Financial analysis

    – Analyze applicants’ creditworthiness

    – Detect possible fraud

  • Operational analysis

    – Manage cash flow

    – Improve logistics planning

  • Healthcare

    – Forecast treatment costs

    – Perform medical outcomes analysis

    – Predict hospital length of stay

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