IBM SPSS Statistics Base

IBM SPSS Statistics Base

An ideal choice for data analysis

With IBM SPSS Statistics Base software, you can:

  • Quickly access and manage data
  • Get a “first look” through descriptive statistics
  • Perform fundamental tests to classify data, uncover relationships and make predictions Features

Get a quick data “snapshot”

You can quickly understand the basic structure of your data through the foundational statistics in IBM SPSS Statistics Base. These include cross-tabulations, frequencies, descriptives, descriptive ratio statistics, ANOVA and ANCOVA, correlation, and the procedures for comparing means and exploring data.

Make better decisions using Monte Carlo simulation

SPSS Statistics software combines the power of predictive analytics with the what-if capabilities of Monte Carlo simulation to help you assess risk and deal with uncertainty in predictive models.

  • Assess what-if scenarios
  • Simulate data according to user-specified parameters and then use that simulated data as input to predict an outcome
  • Adjust the parameters used to simulate the data and compare outcomes

Map relationships in your data

IBM SPSS Statistics Base software also includes a number of procedures to help you identify groups and predict outcomes. These procedures include:

  • Factor analysis
  • K-means cluster analysis
  • Hierarchical cluster analysis
  • Two-step cluster analysis
  • Discriminant analysis
  • Linear regression
  • Ordinal regression (also called PLUM)
  • Nearest neighbor analysis

IBM SPSS Statistics Extensions for R, Python and SPSS Syntax

Provide powerful features for users by offering a constant stream of new content without requiring a separate purchase or a new product installation.

System Screen

The data editor makes it easier to manage data from IBM SPSS Statistics files as well as text files and data from other applications and databases.

IBM SPSS Statistics Modules